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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are your courses?

Our CDL-A course is 124 hours while our CDL-B course is 83 hours, HazMat Endorsement course is 6 hours. The length of our Commercial Motor Vehicle Refresher and Industry Outreach courses vary by topic.


What is Entry-Level Driver Training and does your school offer this?

Our Entry-Level Driver Training courses are developed to meet or exceed the requirements to obtain a CDL-A or CDL-B license as outlined in 49 CFR Part 380 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations. Additionally, this course is also available to help you obtain school bus (S), passenger (P), or hazardous materials (H) endorsements. 


Do you provide financial aid to assist with tuition costs?

We have partnered with Bar Harbor Bank & Trust to offer financial assistance for qualifying students. Those interested should contact Shelley Griswold, VP, Branch Relationship Manager. Connect with Shelley here.


Are job placement services provided by your school?

We pride ourselves in having a strong relationship with our corporate partners and past trainees. These relationships will often result in us being notified of potential job offerings. We’re happy to pass these along whenever available. We do recommend networking with local municipalities, organizations and businesses during your course to help you become aware of employment opportunities.


What percentage is required to pass my course?

A passing grade is obtained when the trainee's cumulative exam grade meets or exceeds 80%. Trainees who are unable to pass their exams are not permitted to retake their exams. Please Note: Due to funding requirements any Veterans obtaining VA funding and who are unable to pass their exam will be reported to the Veterans Benefits Administration.


If I get my CDL am I required to drive over the road (long haul)?

You are not required to do long haul trucking to obtain or retain your CDL license. Many of our trainees have gone on to work for local organizations, business and municipalities that do not require over the road trucking.


Once I pass my course am I able to use Patten's truck for my DMV test?

We are happy to allow our passing trainees the opportunity to use our course vehicles to test with the DMV. Retests are subject to a usage fee.


Can I use a Patten's vehicle to test for my CDL if I have not attended one of your courses?

We do not currently offer this benefit.


What are your course fees?

Our tuition prices include the cost of your books, fuel and other necessary course supplies; however, they do not cover the fees associated with obtaining your records and permits (permit tests) at the Department of Motor Vehicle. Tuition prices are subject to change. View our course fee schedule here


I am traveling for my course. Where can I stay nearby?

We recommend checking out the NH Travel & Tourism Website for the best lodging information.


If a driver held a Class A CDL for many years and lets it expire, is the driver required to complete entry-level driver training to obtain a new CDL?

No. Per § 380.603(b), if the driver was issued a CDL before February
7, 2022, the driver is not subject to the ELDT requirements if the driver
chooses to re-obtain a CDL of the same class, even if the previously-issued
CDL is not currently valid.

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